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Why have a child or baby-naming celebration?

As a celebrant, I would love to join you in this amazing moment of your life’s story and be part of your wonderful celebrations.

The Baby Naming Ceremony celebrates a child or children being born or joining a family through adoption or marriage. It is a non-religious alternative to formal Christening and is a way to officially declare and affirm the name of your child in front of your loved ones. However, if you wish, you can include some religious content of your choosing.

Naming Ceremonies are suitable for babies, toddlers, and older children. Whether it’s a newborn, stepchild, or adopted child, the intention remains the same: to unite and bond as a family in honour of this special person. It can be a wonderful way to celebrate adoptions and blended families.  

There are many ways to personalise an Baby Naming Ceremony, such as:

  • Lighting candles to signify the light and love of family

  • Planting trees to symbolise the growth and connection of family

  • Choosing supporting adults  as guide parents to make pledges to the child and the family

  • Including grandparents and siblings in symbolic actions like a sand ceremony, where particles are blended together to represent a bond as a family that is impossible to separate

  • Creating a wish tree or jar filled with personal wishes from guests

  • Incorporating poems, readings, music, prayers, or songs that reflect your beliefs and values

  • Signing or stamping certificates to create a memento of the ceremony

  • Blowing bubbles or singing to create a fun and laughter-filled experience for everyone

As a celebrant, I can help you design and deliver a unique and meaningful ceremony that reflects your family’s story and personality. I can also suggest some creative ideas and resources to make your ceremony memorable and special.

If you are interested, please let me know what kind of ceremony you have in mind and I will be happy to assist you. 🙌


If you would like to book an exploratory introductory  meeting with no obligation, please submit the enquiry form below or book a call using the Calendly link below, Thankyou! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Outdoor Birthday Table

What happens next?

  1. We will meet face to face or online, depending on your preference. 

2. To stimulate your ideas, I will share some questions with you as prompts.

3. You will share your hopes, dreams., memories, desires, music and readings for your special day for your child and any special themes ort touches

 4. I will then create a ceremony that reflects your family style, your baby and your wishes.


​​5. You can then look over the entire draft ceremony or specific sections, and make sure that it meets your expectations. I will then make any changes you want.

6. If you would like to bounce around any other ideas, we can do that too!

7.  I will arrive an hour earlier to your event, and then go over any arrangements for the day. lend you a hand and then we will have a great time!

How much will it cost?

My fee for Naming ceremonies are from £249 - £399.  My fees are in a leaflet here. I can be flexible on price depending on your needs.

Please ask me.

Download my weddings, vow renewals and namings leaflet here

Don't forget my service includes a free  tree  from Gift a Tree​.

It will be planted in your names in Tiverton, Devon 🌳🌿 with  a commemorative  personalised certificate to commemorate it

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let's talk ideas

We will meet and talk about your loved one and their and your wishes


we will talk about your memories and stories and choose which ones you wish to include in the service

DESIGN& craft your ceremony

I will go away and take time to create the ceremony script based on our discussions

let's discuss and finalise your script

I will share the ceremony document with you and you will give me constructive feedback as to how you would like it altered and we will agree a final version.




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Carolyn the Celebrant at Rites of Way