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Living Funerals

I also am passionate about living funerals. A living funeral is a ceremony that is held for a person who is still alive but knows that they are approaching the end of their life.


It is a way of celebrating the person’s life and achievements with them there, so they can have a wonderful time,  hear and witness their close friends and family expressing their heartfelt gratitude and love, whilst they are alive and able to enjoy these precious moments.

Please contact me if you are interested in this.  I would love to help you and create your perfect living funeral.

I will be guided by you as to the way in which you wish me to help you. I can also suggest ideas to make your Living Funeral just what you want it  to be.

What happens next?

We will meet face to face or online, depending on your preference.

To stimulate your ideas, I will share some questions with you.

Based on what you tell me about your stories, memories, information, and preferred style, I will design a ceremony that meets your wishes, which we can then review together

I'm happy to help with other aspects of your planning , and to bounce ideas around. Do get in touch for a complimentary call.

How much will it cost?

My fee for Living Funerals is £250.

Don't forget my service includes a free  tree  from Gift a Tree​. It will be  planted in your name in Tiverton, Devon and a personalised certificate 🌳🌿 with  a commemorative  personalised certificateto commemorate it


let's talk ideas

We will meet and talk about your loved one and their and your wishes

story telling

we will talk about your memories and stories and choose which ones you wish to include in the service

DESIGN& craft your ceremony

I will go away and take time to create the ceremony script based on our discussions

let's discuss and finalise your script

I will share the ceremony script with you and we will agree a final version.




Instagram: @rites.ofway

TEL 07305002858

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Carolyn the Celebrant at Rites of Way