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Dressing Up Furry Friends: The Perfect Wedding Clothes for Dogs!

A dog dressed in white dress and collar ready for a wedding
Flouffy, all dressed in white, captures the joy of the occasion as the most stylish four-legged guestFlouffy, all dressed in white, captures the joy of the occasion as the most stylish four-legged guest

Are you planning a dream wedding and can't imagine not including your furry best friend in the celebration? Well, you're in luck! Dressing up dogs for weddings has become an adorable trend that will melt hearts and create picture-perfect memories. As a dog-loving UK wedding celebrant, I adore the involvement of pets in key moments of our lives.


From dapper bowties to elegant dresses, there are plenty of wedding clothes for dogs options to ensure your four-legged companion looks their absolute best on your special day.

Not only does dressing up your dog for a wedding add a touch of cuteness to the event, but it also allows them to feel included in the festivities. They’re a part of your family too!  In this article, we'll explore the latest trends in wedding attire for dogs, and provide tips on choosing the perfect outfit that matches your wedding style.


So, get ready to say "I do" surrounded by your loved ones, including your precious pup, in their finest wedding attire. Let's make your big day even more memorable with the perfect outfit for your furry friend!

How do you include your dog in your wedding ceremony?

By ensuring that your favourite pooch or pooches are looking the part and can show that they have made the effort for the special occasion, one way of including your dog at a wedding ceremony is simply to smarten them up and put on their best attire! Make sure it is comfortable, suits your budget and your dog, is easy to put on, doesn’t distress your dog but also fits in with the theme and vibe of your wedding.

What you like to see pets at weddings?

  • Yes, love it!

  • Mmm not sure

  • No way!

  • Invite me and I'll let you know!

Research dog-friendly wedding venues

There is such an amazing range of wedding venues; there can be too many to choose from. However, this means you can create a shortlist and narrow down your choice for dog-friendly wedding venues. If you are having a wedding at home this is simpler, just check with the homeowner ( it could be you or a relative!)

Or if you have already created your preferred wedding venue shortlist, check out their websites, look at the reviews and contact them to find out if they are dog friendly.

"As a dog-loving UK wedding celebrant, I adore the involvement of pets in key moments of our lives." – Carolyn the Celebrant and Event Planner, at Rites of Way.

What are the benefits of including dogs at weddings?

Where do we begin? Well, dogs are family, aren’t they? How can they NOT be there, when you have your nearest and dearest surrounding you? You love your dog, they are adorable, cute, and calming, will charm and entertain your guests, encourage them to talk to each other, look amazing in photos ( the dogs!), and add something unique to your celebration.

And yes, you can have a dog ring bearer, dog of honour, bridesmaid, best man, accompany the bride down the aisle or flower dog ( that’s another blog!) On a serious note, ensure you have someone who will look after your dog on the day and be aware of guests who are nervous or dislike dogs so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Dressing dogs to tie in with your wedding theme

Wedding ceremonies in the 21st century are all about personalisation. So what’s your style? Choose wedding clothes for dogs such as a tuxedo, bow tie or pearl effect collar for a Classic or Black-Tie wedding.

For rustic or country weddings choose a tweed or denim vest/dress, trendy bandana, or floral collar or harness matching your chosen theme.

For modern or Chic weddings, think sequin vest/dress, even a tulle skirt with rhinestones and a matching tie or large bow. Did you know that female dog wedding outfits, which are comfortable and well-fitted can turn heads? The possibilities are endless!

Consider professional dog wedding clothes services

Of course Sir or Madam, what would you like? There is a range of companies that support wedding dog attire and also chaperone services. They understand you need peace of mind on your wedding day and are there to make your furry friend their number one priority.

Do your research, look at the reviews, and visit them with your furry friend if possible. Consider Wedding Pet Chaperone Service - Together Furever Weddings who care for your dog on the most important day of your life, ensures it looks its best and fulfils its role purrfectly; they even work with the photographer to get the most amazing shots.

Consider Dog Wedding Suits| Canines & Confetti,  a bespoke tailoring service, that will ensure your dog looks amazing. They will match your fabric and colour choices to your dog's collar, harness, and bandana. To get this amazing look don’t forget to allow plenty of time for making the outfit. For wrap-around care for your favourite pooch and top wedding guest consider Packages | Dogs And Weddings, who will get to know your dog. They will collect, exercise, dress them and look after them overnight. What more could you ask?!

Conclusion: Wedding outfits for dogs and dogs at weddings are trending!

Be ahead of the crowd, and don’t overlook your best friend, there are now so many ways to involve your dogs at weddings! Yes, it is worth taking time in your wedding planning, amongst your other priorities, to consider what is best for you, your family and your dog.

Do your homework, check out reviews, and personally vet suppliers yourself. Better still have someone who your pet knows and trusts. The last thing you want is to distress your pet or your guests but carefully managed with a contingency plan,  it is possible for some if not all of your wedding celebrations to involve your four-legged best friend and to get the best wedding clothes for dogs to suit your budget.:

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