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Five Ways a Celebrant Wedding Can Make Your Day Unforgettable

Updated: Jan 2

Carolyn the Celebrant at Saffron Walden Gardens
A celebrant wedding can be almost anywhere!

Did you know that according to Hitched and the Metro, a celebrant-led wedding is one of the biggest trends for 2024?

Celebrants have been around for 50 years in Australia, then in the 1980s, the UK followed suit. Now, awareness is rising, thanks to programmes such as Married at First Sight. Indeed, the Economist estimated that 10,000 celebrant-led weddings took place in England in 2019.

Sometimes, it may feel counterintuitive to consider a celebrant-led wedding ceremony in addition to a registrar. Do you want your wedding ceremony to be unique and personalised to reflect your style, vision, personality, and preferences?

Of course, it’s entirely up to you, and you must make an informed decision about this critical aspect as for any other part of your wedding celebration. So read on…

Hold your ceremony in the place of your choosing

  • Once you are legally married by a registrar at a simple ceremony for £50+, with a minimum of 2 witnesses, you are then free to choose any venue/ place that suits you for a longer personalised celebrant-led ceremony that has been designed, purely about and for you both.

  • You are not constrained by whether a venue has a licence for a registrar, where specifically you can be married in that venue and pay the additional venue and registrar costs.

  • Celebrants come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their prices, so there will be something for everyone.

You want a day that is all about you

  • Yes, by choosing a celebrant, someone trained to create and deliver wedding ceremonies (and is insured to do so), you have taken the first step in identifying someone who will focus purely on you both.

  • They will want to find out your love story and create a ceremony around you to fit into your event's chosen style and vibe.

  • Celebrants are inclusive and will work with people from all backgrounds to create a ceremony that is right, for them.

  • They will include religious, secular, or other elements, help with your vows, commitments, and choosing music and readings.

‘There’s been a 49% increase in Google searches for ‘celebrant weddings’ in the past year, and traffic to our article about celebrant-led weddings has increased by an incredible 157%, showing a clear trend for unique celebrant-led wedding ceremonies.’

– Zoe Burke, Editor of Hitched

Choose who you want to tell your story and how you want it told

  • The choice and availability of wedding celebrants are increasing, with more people from all walks of life wanting to have the privilege of having this exciting role;

  • This is to the advantage of couples who can choose who to work with and be part of their special day.

  • I came into celebrancy because I wanted to hear people's stories and make them memorable.

  • Search online for a celebrant near you and on the many wedding and celebrant directories.

  • Why not go to a local wedding fair, speak to a wedding celebrant directly, and find out what they do?

Speak with your celebrant when it is convenient for you

  • Couples lead busy lives and have many things to organise for a wedding.

  • Celebrants are flexible and know you are busy.

  • They will fit around you to spend quality time face-to-face and online beforehand

  • They will keep in touch by phone and email leading up to your big day.

Venues and photographers often prefer celebrant-led weddings

  • In my research into venues, as a celebrant, I have been told that venues and photographers prefer a celebrant-led wedding.

  • Celebrants are good public speakers and will put you and your guests at ease.

  • They will take time to make you feel special and help you have the perfect ceremony.

  • Celebrants have a more relaxed vibe, know the couple well, and often the venue.

  • Your celebrant will work alongside your other suppliers on the day and know when to step aside for those all-important wedding photographs you will cherish forever.

Your wedding, your way

In summary, a celebrant wedding ceremony will give you that extra special touch to your day and all the other preparations you have thought so hard about.

Your guests will comment on what a unique, memorable, and magical day they have witnessed, and then you’ll realise that finding your perfect wedding celebrant was your best decision!

For more information on my celebrant wedding services please click here Country Weddings & Vow Renewals | Rites of Way

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your dreams for your big day and how I can help you make them come true.

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Carolyn the Celebrant at Rites of Way